Pasifika homeowners coming home to an affordable house

Tāmaki Regeneration Company (TRC) is leading New Zealand’s largest urban regeneration programme across the Auckland suburbs of Glen Innes, Point England and Panmure. Over the course of the programme, TRC will deliver a mix of 7500 new social, affordable and private market homes. One Pasifika couple who bought an affordable house in Glen Innes is thrilled to be back living in the neighbourhood



Anne-Marie Erick and Gus Jeremiah wanted to buy a house in the area because Anne-Marie grew up in Glen Innes and her parents and four of her siblings still live in Tāmaki.


“We feel really blessed to have our own home and be so close to family,” Anne-Marie, who is of Niuean heritage, says.


“Our kids love being around their grandparents and cousins. Also, it’s easy for us to all get together and when we need help we can drop off the kids at a family members’ house and vice versa.”


Gus, who is originally from Fiji, agrees. “Moving here was like a dream come true. To buy this new house and be close to her family is the best thing ever, especially for our boys.


“It’s a great neighbourhood close to schools, shops, church, and there are local parks and beaches nearby.


“There is also good public transport and Glen Innes is between South Auckland and the city so it’s perfect.”


Anne-Marie is a behavioural therapist and Gus works as a landscaper. The couple had been house hunting for a few years. They had almost given up on finding a home to buy within their budget in Glen Innes.


That’s why they were keen to apply when they heard about the affordable housing opportunity with TRC’s development partner Creating Communities Limited.


They met the criteria and moved into their new three-bedroom home in April this year.


The offer was open to people whose household income was less than $130,000. Purchasers also needed to be eligible for the Government’s Welcome Home Loan.


“We’d probably still be renting now if it wasn’t for the affordable housing opportunity,” Gus says.


“Owning our own home gives us as parents a sense of security and we pass that onto our children,” Anne-Marie says. “It shows our kids that if you set yourself goals, you can achieve them.”


So what helped the couple save for the deposit? About a year before they moved in, they had an idea of what mortgage repayments would be and started to live as if they already had a mortgage.


“We were just very aware of where our money was going,” Anne-Marie says. “We had a budget and saved as much as possible but the main thing was us staying mindful of our goal.”


It’s all been worth it, she says. “The house is well designed and well insulated with double glazed windows. It’s just been so good for our family and having everything brand new is great.”






As part of TRC’s housing regeneration programme, we’re providing a range of affordable homes for people who live in Tāmaki or who have a strong connection to the area. Go to