Tongan baker's Niu Cakery reaches Niu highs

This self-taught Tongan baker has garnered a lot of media hype over the last week starting with taking social media by storm.

22-year-old Niuafe Junior Malupo’s talent doesn't come from any formal training, as he mainly uses skills taught to him by his mum.

In an interview with Newshub Niuafe says he initially wanted to become a hotel manager, “I kept thinking about money”.

After graduating from Lynfield College he began a degree in Hospitality Management, but found it wasn’t really for him.

However it was last year when he decided to follow his true passion, baking – a hobby picked up through spending time with his mother in the kitchen.

"Mum used to bake all the time and I used to watch her do everything. And coming from a family of five brothers I was the one that watched Mum bake, and it turned into a passion."

He opened his business, Niu Cakery, in New Lynn last year.

Business boomed as it gained popularity on social media, with pictures of his deliciously creative cakes.

It shows no sign of stopping either, as Niu Cakery’s follower count on Instagram, where he gained the most traction, has jumped from 14,000 to 19,000 in less than a week, while he has over 10,000 likes on Facebook.

Inspired by Australian cake queen Katherine Sabbath, Mr Malupo says one of his proudest moments was when she posted pictures of his cakes online.

"She did share two of my cakes I think, that were inspired by her, I couldn't believe that."

Niuafe is already booked out for the rest of this month. If you want to get in line or just stare at his creations head over to the Niu Cakery website.