Oceania Media Intern Moana Ageli: Win or learn

Moana Ageli is studying Communications at Unitec and hopes to one day use her degree to encourage, inspire and inform young Pacific leaders of tomorrow. While interning at Oceania Media, publishers of SPASIFIK, Moana shares her goals and plans for the future.



“I’m a 22 year old New Zealand born Samoan, the eldest of five and the first in my family to attend university. I grew up in a family with a strong belief in God and our Samoan culture. My upbringing has instilled in me values such as family, respect and, most importantly, education.

My family moved from Samoa to New Zealand for better opportunities, further education and a better future for my generation and the generations to come, so I make sure I take all opportunities available.

As a Pacific Islander, ‘education is the key’ is a saying I have heard throughout my years of schooling. I have a few weeks left to complete my degree. A couple months after that I’ll be graduating. The thought of it is just so daunting. I often find myself asking the ‘what if’ questions. What if this degree wasn’t for me? What if I studied three years for nothing? What if the job I get is not in the field I studied for?

The amount of doubt I have scares me, but then I think back to why I had chosen to undertake a degree in communications in the first place - I want to encourage, inspire and inform our young Pacific leaders of tomorrow by sharing real life stories of our Pacific Island leaders of today. I wanted to be part of the voice that promotes and encourages Pacific people. I applied with Oceania Media, confident that this is the first step in helping me ‘get my foot in the door’.

SPASIFIK is inspiring. The magazine covers issues important to both the Maori and Pacific community as well as leadership, talent and success stories that banish stereotypes associated with Pasifika people.

Being part of an inspiring company is an opportunity and I’m grateful to them for having me on board.

I’m still trying to find my place in the world, but I know I will gain valuable experience and insight into the industry that will help with future career decisions.

One thing I am certain of in life is wanting to achieve happiness. Whatever it is, wherever it is, and however long it takes to find happiness with my place in the world, I’m going to do it.”

It was Nelson Mandela who said, “I’ll never lose … I’ll either win … or learn.”

For more information about Oceania Media internships visit: SPASIFIK Foundation