Maori Place Names - Meanings and Origins

As it is Māori Language Week, let us give a special focus to learning some of the common names that we may not be pronouncing correctly.


How many of us know the meaning and can pronounce some of the most commonly used Māori words, name places from all over New Zealand?


Why do Whangarei, Tauranga, Motueka and Timaru have the names they do? Why all the fuss about the spelling of Whanganui and Rimutaka? What are the original names for Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin?


Māori Place Names gives concise and clear answers, as well as taking in curiosities like the world’s longest place name.


The new Māori Place Names, in its fourth edition, has over 2300 entries, incorporating modern usages, expanded entries for main centres and important features and easy-reference maps.


Title: Māori Place Names: Their Meanings and Origins
Author: A.W. Reed
Editor: Peter Dowling
RRP: $29.99