A feast of rugby books released with the hype of the 2015 RWC

With the excitement of the 2015 Rugby World Cup this year a feast of rugby books have been released. Below we preview some of the many rugby books released.


Rugby – A New Zealand History


By Ron Palenski

Auckland University Press RRP: $69.99


Historian and former journalist Ron Palenski tells the full story of rugby in New Zealand for the first time, from how the game travelled from England and settled in the colony, to how Maori and later Pacific players made rugby their own. The book explores how battles over amateurism and apartheid threatened the sport and how national teams, provinces and local clubs shaped it. But above all Rugby - A New Zealand History is a story of wing forwards and fullbacks, of Don Clarke and Jonah Lomu, of the Log of Wood and Charlie Saxton’s ABC, of supporters in the grandstand and crackling radios at 2 a.m. It’s New Zealand’s story. Rooted in extensive research of public and private archives and newspapers, and highly illustrated with many rare photographs and collectables, this book is the defining history of rugby in a land that has made the game its own.


The Beginner’s Guide to Rugby


By Aaron Cruden

Penguin Random House (NZ) RRP: $34.99


Aaron Cruden shares the highlights of his junior and professional rugby careers along with the skills and tricks you’ll need to become a rugby star. Learn to pass a rugby ball, take a drop kick and tackle someone bigger than you. Instructional and highly illustrated, this is a beginner’s book of rugby for all ages. It features the basic skills every rugby player should be familiar with, no matter what their position. Along with techniques and drills to learn basic passing, tackling, running, kicking, defensive and attacking play, it also features some of Aaron’s advanced moves, like the off-load and flick pass. 


Rugby Skills, Tactics & Rules


John McKittrick & Tony Williams


Bateman Publishing Ltd

RRP: $29.99

With over 170 colour photos of top players from around the world and specially created diagrams to explain critical aspects of moves and tactics of the game, Rugby Skills, Tactics & Rules is a book that shows the technical side of rugby that looks so seamless while watching the All Blacks. With its 4th edition out now, Rugby Skills, Tactics & Rules is one of the best books for learning the essential skills of the game so you can experience the thrills and spills of playing and winning. 


Rugby Sevens, Skills, Tactics & Rules


John McKittrick, Tony Williams & Eric Rush

Bateman Publishing Ltd

RRP: $29.99

Sevens rugby is a truly international game, and its growing popularity is reflected by the International Olympic Committee’s decision to introduce the sport to the 2016 games in Brazil. This book is for those coaching and playing Sevens now, but also with those new to the game in mind. Discover how to enjoy playing Sevens, how to choose a team, coaching and conditioning, tactics and technical elements. It also includes tips from Sevens legend Eric Rush, a Sevens champion from the 2001 World Cup, 1998 and 2002 Commonwealth Games and seven series titles.