SBW and The Rock Banter about Rugby

Sonny Bill Williams (SBW) and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson banter over Twitter about the Rock joining the All Blacks’ Sevens Team to cover for injured players.

In mid-April Dwayne The Rock Johnson revealed via his Twitter that rugby is the toughest sport he's ever played to someone who asked if he’d ever consider playing New Zealand’s national sport.

"Yup I played rugby as a kid when I lived in New Zealand. Toughest sport I've ever done. #Respect"

Looks like SBW has extended an invitation to the ex pro-wrestler-turned-actor to come have a go for the Black Jersey and The Rock is keen.

“Uce,” SBW tweets, which is slang for uso, meaning brother in Samoan, “we got a few boys injured atm, keen 4 a run?”

The Rock responds in the affirmative with, “I'm ready uce! Just say the word and I'll come running. Don't know how far, but I'll come running.”

Wouldn’t that be a sight! However would the Rock have to play for the American Sevens team, if he wants to go to the Olympics?