Using Social Media as a climate-change fighting tool

In moving with the times, and choosing to fight rather than sink in silence, a group of Pacific Islanders calling themselves Pacific Climate Warriors are using social media to bring awareness to their climate change plight.


source 350 Pacific


The Pacific Climate Warriors, comprised of an alliance of activists from Vanuatu, Tokelau, Samoa, the Marshall Islands, and eight other island nations in the South Pacific are steadily growing awareness online about the severe effects of climate change on the Pacific Islands.

Fenton Lutunatabua works as an activist and communications coordinator for 350 Pacific, a youth led grassroots network working with communities to fight climate change from the Pacific Islands.

In 2014, Fenton tweeted, Instagrammed, Flickred and blogged a protest where 350 Pacific on canoes blockaded an Australian coal export terminal in real time.

The event was picked up making headlines internationally from Aljazeera and The Guardian.

Fijian-raised Lutunatabua tells the environmental issues based news organisation he hopes the exposure gained by their efforts being broadcast on social media will change the way those outside of the Pacific perceive those being ravaged by climate change.

“We really want to fight, we want to hold people accountable. Most of all, using the voices of people at the front lines of climate change, we want to build the anti-narrative.”

The next tool he wants to utilise is the image/video messaging software Snapchat, as people are more likely to watch a 10-second snap due to the dear price of Internet data.

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