12-year-old Samoan author publishes childrens book on the environment

12-year-old Lupeoaunu'u (Lupe) Va’ai from Vaoala in Samoa travelled to London to launch her book on the world stage titled The Voice of an Island looking at the effect humans can have on the environment.

Lupe Vaai – supplied


The young author, who won a gold medal last year for her story but could not go to New York to receive it in person, says she wants to raise awareness and educate people on the importance of the world, and how special it is.

The voice of an island - supplied"I was inspired to write this story because, as a young Samoan and Pacific islander, we are growing up in one of the most beautiful places on earth, with a unique natural environment, but also the one most vulnerable and threatened by climate change."

The book is about a little Samoan girl who is concerned about the state of the environment she lives in- and tries to save her ancestors’ paradise.

Lupe, who wants to be an environmental lawyer, says she also wants to continue writing these stories about the environment to “bring awareness to people that little things you are doing have a big impact on our environment”.