New family violence intervention service in West Auckland

Sadly, family violence is a serious and prevalent issue for many Pacific families in West Auckland, with around 35 incidents being reported to the Police every week. In response to this serious issue, Auckland based innovative health organisation, The Fono is now able to offer specialised social work support to affected families.



The Fono will now be offering two new family violence services through the community services team in Henderson:

  • Family violence crisis intervention service
  • Enua Ola education programme

Senior Social Worker Loga Crichton is the lead for the new family violence crisis intervention service.


Loga brings a wealth of experience to the role and is excited and enthusiastic about taking on the challenge of working with our most vulnerable Pacific families in West Auckland. Loga will be supported by Social Workers Fatima Hunt and Danielle Hoeft.


As part of the crisis intervention service, each family’s needs are assessed and a family action plan will be developed which may include linking the family to the most appropriate services to address ongoing needs.


“The service is actively involved with the Police, where we are working in partnership to strengthen families and communities,” says Loga.


Alongside the crisis intervention service is a new family violence education programme managed by Community Services Manager Hira Harema and delivered through the Enua Ola network.


The aim of the programme is to enable communities to support each other with the changes required to build healthier and safer communities.


The Fono CEO Tevita Funaki says “we are excited to be growing our services to meet the needs of families and communities in more effective and responsive ways.”


“It is hoped that our family violence services will support our families to become healthier and safer, underpinned by The Fono’s caring culture.”


About The Fono

The Fono provides affordable services including medical, dental, pharmacy, health promotion, social services, education and Whanau Ora. They deliver a combination of these services across five locations. With combined experience of five separate clinics stretching over 80 years, The Fono aims to be a leader in health for the people who need it the most, fostering well, safe, vibrant and informed communities.

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