Aroha Bridge second series launched to coincide with Maori Language Week

Web series Aroha Bridge, which was originally called Hook Ups, is back with a second season launched to coincide with Māori Language Week.



What started as a comic strip created by Māori/Samoan/German Aucklander Jessica Hansell, better known as local rapper Coco Solid, became an animates web series launched in 2013.


The series follows the life of siblings Kowhai and Monty as they try to break into the music industry, while navigating ‘the complex but hilarious circumstances of growing up in a bicultural, eclectic whanau’ (family).


Aroha Bridge is based on Mangere Bridge where Hansell grew up and for the series she draws on her own life in a multi-cultural family- being born to a Māori mum and a Samoan/German dad.


The series effortlessly weaves Māori words into the script, if not through random words then through the uncle who refuses to speak ‘the government’s language until the Treaty of Waitangi is honoured’, while poking fun at various stereotypes within an Auckland, New Zealand context.


There’s an impressive team behind the project including Taika Waititi, Jamaine Ross, Simon Ward, Luke Rowell, Don Brooker and Morgan Waru, and the voice cast includes Madeleine Sami, Scotty Cotter, TV presenter Matai Smith, rapper and actor Rizvan Tu'itahi and showbiz guy Frankie Stevens.


It’s a good way to spend day 3 of Māori Language Week. Watch all of season two here and a trailer below: