Pacific Fusion Fashion Show to feature Rio Olympics 2016 Tongan Flag Bearer

The Pacific Fusion Fashion Show this Saturday, September 3rd from 6 p.m. at Andrew Simms-Botany will feature the man who “broke the internet” during the Rio Olympics, Tongan flag bearer Pita Taufatofua.



Pita was slated to be a model in the show long before he captured the attention of a world-wide audience as the glistening athlete proudly holding the Tongan flag during the Parade of Nations.

Guest judge Anna Hood is also the co-owner of NZ Fashion Week currently underway in Auckland.

Despite her busy schedule she says she is excited to be part of the new Pacific Fusion event.

“I agreed to judge this competition because I believe it’s important to represent NZ designers and provide them with opportunities to showcase their work.”

“I am looking forward to the evening as a celebration of talent from a new generation of skilled designers, a celebration of the Pacific and a celebration of South Auckland. I expect a lot of colour and flair and I anticipate the event will offer a whole new experience for all in attendance.”

A talented team of organisers have joined forces to turn the Pacific Fusion dream into reality.

Fashion stylist Nora Swann of Kila Style says, “After doing community fashion shows and smaller events I felt ready to do a large scale fashion show.”

Nora recruited her hard working team of organisers because of their talent and drive.

“This show represents who we are, what we value and what we are passionate about. We chose a venue in South Auckland because we wanted to host a high end fashion experience here in our neighbourhood.”

The event will feature a competition for emerging and established designers, a non-competitive showcase of designs from Sewtec Fashion Academy students and a Pop Up shop allowing fashionistas to purchase styles direct from the catwalk.

Nora and her Kila Style crew will also do an up-styling show.

The live, interactive up-styling show provides practical ideas on how to mix, match and create fashionable ensembles.

The supreme winner of the Pacific Fusion Fashion Show will travel to Sydney in October to represent Aotearoa at Pacific Runway Fashion.

Other prizes for this competition have been donated by Spotlight, Bernina and the prize package includes hair styling, make up, photography and a fashion feature in FashioNZ.

VIP and General Admission tickets on sale now.

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