Tongan Language Week 2016 - Fakakoloa a Aotearoa aki a e Loto'i Tonga

Tongan Language Week 2016 kicks off on Sunday 4th September, and runs until the Saturday the 10th, with a number of events marking the start of the week.



This year’s theme is ‘Fakakoloa ‘a Aotearoa ‘aki ‘a e Loto’i Tonga’ (Enriching Aotearoa with the Tongan Spirit).

At the time of the 2013 census, there were over 60,000 New Zealanders who identified as Tongan.

Currently, there are more Tongan people born in New Zealand than there are in Tonga, giving lea faka-Tonga (the Tonga language) and anga faka-Tonga (Tonga culture) a special place in New Zealand.

This year the Ministry has worked in partnership with Te Papa Tongarewa and Christchurch City Libraries to develop a free education resource that will help with learning the language.

Tonga Language Week Committee will be launching Tongan Language Week on 1593AM at 8am on Sunday 4th, there’s a Vahefonua Mentoring Group Youth Ralley at North Cote College and some workshops. 



For more events check out the TLW2016 Events Calendar on the MPP website.