Govt looks into laws around murder and manslaughter following Moko's death

A report into whether law changes are needed has been ordered by Justice Minister Amy Adams, following the downgrade of murder charges to manslaughter for the killers of Moko Rangitoheriri.


Moko Rangitoheriri - Source Facebook


However Prime Minister John Key says a review of sentencing in child abuse cases is not needed.

The Crown Prosecution Service's plea bargain deal has drawn outrage from Labour MP Jacinda Ardern who says justice would have been better served by allowing this case to go to trial and allowing a jury to decide.

Seen as perhaps one of the worst cases of child abuse in New Zealand history it’s made headlines since Moko’s death was reported in August 2015.

The Taupo boy, and his seven-year-old sister, were meant to be in the care of David Haerewa and Tania Shailer, however Haerewa and Shailer violently abused the three-year-old for weeks- and forced his sister to take part in his final beating before his death on August 10, 2015.

Moko’s mum Nicola Dally-Paki had entrusted Shailer with the care of her children while she was up in Auckland tending to her son at Starship hospital.

She said she should have picked up on the signs, but also feels like she’s been let down by the system.

Child, Youth and Family, who currently have Dally-Paki’s remaining children in care, have released a statement from General Manager Operations, Kay Read:

"We have every sympathy for Nicola and her family as they deal with the loss of Moko under such terrible circumstances.

"However, Child, Youth and Family do not believe that it is in the best interests of her other children to be living with Nicola at this time because we do not have confidence she will keep them safe. For the time being the Family Court has agreed with that."

Dally-Paki tells Story how her daughter pleaded with their caregivers to take Moko Rangitoheriri to a doctor after they abused him:


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