Parris Goebel drops her debut track Friday

Parris Goebel has just released her much-anticipated first single Friday.


Parris Q&A in the latest issue of SPASIFIK - Photo Credit: Rachel Soh


The Samoan-Kiwi, who answered a few of our questions in the latest issue of SPASIFIK, says getting into music only came about a year ago but says it was a very natural transition for her.

“I was in a recording studio and just started putting some lyrics to some beats,” says Parris whose new track is definitely one to dance to, with strong electronic elements and a heavy bass line and catchy hook.

The video, which you can see below, is every bit as Parris as we would expect; it features crisp choreography and a sick wardrobe.

We look forward to more from the originator of Polyswagg, check out the video below- and if you’d like to read more of what Parris had to say about her music, career and influence grab a copy of SPASIFIK Mag issue 67